Saskatoon Real Estate Elevated and Aerial Photography

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Elevated Aerial Photography


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Saskatoon Real Estate Elevated Aerial Photography

Sometimes, a different perspective makes all the difference! 

Usually, we'll take several photos on each visit and post the best ones with your virtual tour or deliver them to you in digital format.

If you really love the final image, you can order prints and canvas to display & showcase.

Our elevated photos are taken from a viewpoint of 15-100′ in height and truly showcase a property. 

Look at how much more information is conveyed when looking at the same property from an elevated viewpoint. 

We think you’ll agree that the elevated shot is much more appealing!  Elevated photos may be ordered for the same time as our scheduled shoot of a property, or separately. 

See what a difference elevated shots make in marketing your properties!


Need a higher viewpoint? 

Our aerial photography may be the answer for that bird’s eye view! 

Perfect for showcasing larger estates, communities and neighborhoods, shopping centers, major highways and routes, etc. 

*Some flight restrictions may apply, so please contact us to discuss the areas you would like to have photographed.