Real Estate Floor Plans Saskatoon

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Real Estate Floor Plans & Laser Measuring


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Minimum quantity for "Real Estate Floor Plans & Laser Measuring" is 1000.

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  • Flat fee of $150 for properties up to 1000 sq ft.
  • enter sq ft in QTY box to order Floor Plans & Measuring for property over 1000 sq ft
  • Prices range depending on the options and the total area.

Buyers Like Floor Plans. They Love the Ones We Make.

You need to use many visual devices to sell property. Real estate floor plans are one of these crucial items that help you impress and convince buyers. People love watching floor plans. These ‘maps’ help them visualize homes and their life within them. It is up to you to make the most of this opportunity. Instead of providing them plain, dull diagrams, treat your potential buyers to interesting, colorful yet professional real estate floor plans.

Keep in mind that it is not easy for buyers to visual the layout of a home just by looking at photos or even tours & video. It becomes even harder when they visit different homes, which they always do before buying. A 360 Media real estate floor plan makes things a lot simpler. Our well-designed real estate floor plans are instrumental in helping your clients understand the layout of your listed homes.

The easier you make things for the buyer, the sooner you’ll make a sale. Floor plans speak volumes about the layout of a house and make it easier for home buyers to understand, compare and evaluate different houses. Don’t frustrate them by not providing the floor plans, or by providing them poorly designed ones.

The plans form a positive association in the minds of the buyers with the property. This helps you hold their attention, especially when they compare your property with other realtors’. Once a potential buyer sees our floor plan, they will not forget the layout of your house, helping tipping the scales to your side.

In addition to providing first-rate, effective floor plans, we can also integrate a real estate floor plan with the virtual tour. This combination gives you a unique marketing touch that boosts your ability to close lucrative real estate deals.

We deliver the real estate floor plans in high-resolution images.  These can be used on websites, printed brochures or downloadable hi-res files.

Laser measured Floor Plan, digitally drawn on-site